10 Christmas Gift Ideas For An Ultimate Frisbee Player

It’s the time of the year when you need to flex your brain muscles and come up with present ideas. Getting a gift even for someone you know well can be a challenge. Some people love making presents and some…not so much. In case you’re getting something for an Ultimate Frisbee player here are 10 ideas to stir the brainstorm for you! Hopefully. Let’s start plotting!

A Christmas gift should be useful, bring some joy and laughter. It should be something thoughtful and not another candle or porcelain figurine to collect the dust. You may know someone and still find it difficult to get them something that won’t end up in the darkest corners of their closet or worse…back in the store.

Sometimes getting the right gift isn’t so obvious. The intentions matter, but let’s face it. A gift should bring a smile to someone’s face. There’re many things that could prove useful to an Ultimate Frisbee player and it’s hard to get something they don’t already have. How about trying something less obvious? Check out my Top 10!

Top 10 Ultimate Frisbee Gift Ideas

  1. A Frisbee
    It was supposed not to be so obvious, right? But here’s the thing. There’s never enough discs in an ultimate frisbee player’s life. Perhaps don’t go for a standard one. Pick something special, limited edition or…personalise it. You can design it yourself, add a graphic that will make it stand out, make it colourful. It’s 175 grams of happiness.
  2. An ugly Christmas sweater
    Can you recall all those fugly Christmas sweaters that you’d get from your grandma? Perhaps you didn’t appreciate them all those years ago, but they’re making a comeback now. Ultimate Frisbee players are known for their interesting fashion choices. Don’t be shy. There’s an ultimate frisbee version of the infamous sweater. Well, a long sleeve, but it still counts, right? The question is: would you wear it?

    Source: Pinterest
  3. Superhero thermal shirt
    Thermal shirts are the best thing you can wear at the training for those cold autumn and winter days. You can easily catch a cold if you’re not properly dressed. Same goes for early spring days. Each player needs a compression shirt. Or at least a few, depending on how often you work out outdoors. The Internet doesn’t disappoint and you can find all the cool colours and themes for a thermal shirt.

  4. Socks – it’s all about the colour
    Colourful socks make for a great present. They also come with different themes. Who would  say no to Superman socks with that red cape? Adding some colour to your life will just enhance your fashion statement. You can have anything on them – cats, watermelons, space ships, a whole galaxy. You can also be the fastest cutter alive or…show off your love for Rainbow Dash.

    ultimate frisbee fashion
    Source: @ultimatumgdansk
  5. A watch or fitness bandA watch has always been a good gift. How about a fitness band or a smart watch? There are many models out there with different price ranges. Depending on what the person you’re getting it needs from the watch/fitness band you can choose the right one.  Who doesn’t want to track their fitness activities these days? For data junkies it’s a great way to see how many km you make during a game! You may be quite surprised.
  6. Favourite team items
    An ultimate frisbee player often identifies themselves with a certain team. Enter team merchandise. What if there’s no such thing? Well, nothing lost. You can still find a way to get a personalised team logo key chain or pretty much anything that comes to mind (bottle opener, water bottle with a logo, a lunchbox set). It makes for a good gift and you can be sure they’ll keep it close by!

    Source: @ultimatumgdansk
  7. power bank
    How often someone on your team runs out of energy on their phone or tablet? Now with Facebook Live and live streaming the games it’s impossible not to encounter this problem. How about a crowded hostel room, which doesn’t have enough power outlets? It’s a true problem and with the right power bank you may survive the whole tournament without seeking the electric power.

  8. Game
    Who doesn’t like a good game? Pocket or card games are a good way to pass the time at the tournament. The best kind of games to take info consideration? Short, fast games that involve fast reflexes and getting to know people (card games!). That should bring some laughter. Do you have a favourite one?
  9. Lazy bag
    Need a power nap, but there’s nowhere comfy to rest? A lazy bag could save the day and makes a perfect portable bed. Never underestimate the power of portable things!

  10. A photo book
    An Ultimate Frisbee player is likely to have a few hilarious photos. Why not take advantage of that? Think about all those funny team moments. A situation, a quote! A team life is wild with those things. Also, it’s the end of the year so it’s a perfect time to sum it up as a photo book for a team. What do you need? Photos. Quotes. A book to print.Think of all those times… A fun party where everyone dressed up. When a disc got lost in the sand at the beach tournament during a match (true story). A funny foul. If you’re into making memes than it’s the perfect time to unleash your creativity and make something special!

    ultimate frisbee injury meme

Hope these stirred a bit of ideas for you. Perhaps you’ve got your own top 10? What would you include on the list? What would you make a priority?


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  2. Or maybe a sexy ultimate frisbee bag?

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