5 Questions With…Melina Zschiesche

“5 Questions With…” is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now! It’s a series of interviews with various Ultimate Frisbee players about what keeps them going, their motivations and thoughts on the sport. Starting today, you can expect a new interview on the last day of each month. I’m so excited, are you? 🙂

For the first interview in this series, I’ve decided to approach my new teammate. Melina joined the team at the beginning of the indoor season. She proved to be a great support for us with a fresh perspective on Ultimate. Check out the interview and get to know Melina! 🙂

Melina 5 Questions Interview

Name: Melina
Number: #6
Height: 151cm
Plays Ultimate Since: October 2012
Team: Schleudertrauma Magdeburg (GER), right now at Ultimatum Gdańsk (PL)
Cutter/Handler: Both
Favourite throw: Backhand inside break
Favourite type of the tournament: Fun mixed indoor
Favourite division: –
Favourite thing outside of Ultimate: Singing in choir (unfortunately not regularly)


1. How did you first get into Ultimate Frisbee?

When I was 18 we “played Ultimate” (no one really knew how it is played) in a summers camp. It was fun but I forgot quickly about it. When I started studying I looked for sports courses, but the courses I wanted to take were already full and then I saw Ultimate Frisbee and there was still space. So I thought: It sounds familiar, it was quite fun. So I started going once a week, was encouraged by my coach to go to a tournament and that’s when addiction starts.

2. What does this sport mean to you?

A lot. I always loved to be active. It also helps to have a “thinking pause”, my mind is focused on the activity and my brain has a break from other thoughts. It also improves the quality of my sleep. I tried various sports and I’ve still not tried enough, there are many which I would like to test.

Melina 5 Questions Interview

3. What is the most difficult thing about being in an Ultimate Frisbee team?

Finding my position in the team. On the field as well as next to it. Teams are usually dynamic, especially in Magdeburg we have a lot of replacements because people are coming mostly for studying and then moving away again. New people, new opinions, new focus – especially with new people I need some time to get used to them.

4. Which do you prefer and why: women or mixed?

Unfortunately, I don’t have so much experience with women, because our team always lacks women. I tried to have some games with other teams, though. What I like with women’s teams is that they are more structured, if they make plans they stick to them. And even if there are tall girls too, the overview on the field is much better, it’s easier for me to spot players immediately. But I’m used to mixed teams, I like the combination of both ways of playing. If the team handles the sex differences well and uses them wisely, they have a good starting position. And also it is nice to be surrounded by both, men and women.

Schleudertrauma Magdeburg
Photo: Schleudertrauma Magdeburg

5. What are the differences between playing on your own and foreign team?

Everything and nothing. Frisbee players are always very inviting. That’s awesome and unique in this sport. Of course, the game structure is different. Different is also how tasks are distributed. In my hometown, we try to give as many people as possible some tasks, so it is less time consuming for every single one. It also requires good communication, which can be difficult with some concerns. In my guest team one organizes everything and for bigger things, he gets supported by the other players. That’s a huge load of work for one, but easier for everyone else.


What’s your Ultimate Frisbee story? Would you like to share it? Feel free to message me on Introverted Ultimate or via email. I’ll get back to you with 5 Questions. I’m looking forward to hearing from you! 

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