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Hello, my name is Oliwia

Friends call me Oli.
I’ve started playing Ultimate Frisbee back in January 2015. It’s one of those “New Year, New Me” success stories. I got to know Ultimate alongside Ultimatum Gdańsk. Somewhere along the road started writing about Ultimate on Introverted Ultimate, and then I made it into Poland’s Mixed team for EUC2019. After that I moved on to playing with Zawierucha, which is currently a part of AKS Zły Ultimate. For a moment I was a part of a new women’s Ultimate Frisbee team – Sarny Północy, but moved on to play with a women’s team consisting of my Mixed team players from AKS Zły.

Apart from playing Ultimate I enjoy working on Ultimate Frisbee events, such as Beach Ultimate tournaments and working as a part of media teams. It’s a hell lot of work, but also good fun.


oliwia de introverted ultimate

I started Introverted Ultimate blog because I wanted to share:


  • a rookie’s point of view,
  • how it is to be an introvert in this extroverted world,
  • why Ultimate is the greatest sport,
  • to hear and share your stories about Ultimate.

Besides playing Ultimate, I’m working as a Senior SEM specialist. When not training, I love reading books, painting, fangirling over Marvel movies, playing video games and traveling.  I’m an adrenaline junkie, but it’s hard to tell if you don’t know me. You’ll definitely find me as one of those nerdy introverts. 😉 I’m an “awkward” moment kind of person, but I spontaneously come up with ideas of the things that once done are going to become the “we shouldn’t have done that” kind of memory.

Spoiler alert: everyone survives.

I hope you’ll join me in my ultimate adventure. 🙂


INFJ 99%
Marvel Fan 80%
Bookworm 73%
Ultimate Frisbee 86%
Hopeless 100%
Songwriter 19%
Artistic Spirit 70%
SEM Specialist 55%