10 Christmas Gift Ideas For An Ultimate Frisbee Player

It’s the time of the year when you need to flex your brain muscles and come up with gift ideas for the Ultimate Frisbee player(s) in your life. Getting a present even for someone you know well can be a challenge. Some people love making presents and some…not so much. After all, it’s not that easy to get something unique or indispensable. In case you’re getting something for an ultimate frisbee player here are 10 ideas to get you into brainstorming mode! Hopefully. Let’s start plotting!

ultimate frisbee gift plotting

A Christmas gift should be useful and bring some joy. It should be something thoughtful and not another candle or porcelain figurine to collect the dust. You may know someone and still, find it difficult to get them something that won’t end up in the darkest corners of their closet or worse…back in the store (in best case scenario).

unwanted gifts

Sometimes getting the right gift isn’t so obvious. The intentions matter, but let’s face it, a gift should bring a smile to someone’s face. The task is however not that easy. There are many things that could prove useful to an Ultimate Frisbee player and it’s hard to get something they don’t already have.

gift ideas for ultimate frisbee players

Top 10 Categories For Ultimate Frisbee Gift Ideas

1. Frisbee makes a perfect gift! Ask any ultimate frisbee player…

It’s supposed not to be so obvious, right? But here’s the thing… There are never enough discs in an ultimate frisbee player’s life. So, pick something special, limited edition, or… personalize it! You can design it yourself, and add a graphic that will make it stand out. It could be their favorite team disc or an old design from the tournament they love.

Another idea you may go for is a ZipChip, which may be a fun alternative to bring along on any travel. There are also other mini discs, but this one is especially challenging. If your ultimate frisbee friend recently got into disc golf, you may get them a disc golf set. There is no such thing as enough discs. You might also consider adding some fancy tech and go for a LED Frisbee to brighten the evening throwing sessions!

It’s 175 grams of happiness. It’s the perfect gift to enhance the ever-growing collection in any ultimate frisbee player’s life!

2. The Ultimate Frisbee Players’ New Groove – Sports clothes as a gift!

  • An ugly Christmas sweater
    Can you recall all those “ugly” Christmas sweaters? Now they’re all the rage and here to stay if only for the Christmas season. There’s even a special version of the infamous sweater. Well, a long sleeve, but it still counts, right? The question is: would you wear it?
Source: Pinterest
  • Superhero shirt
    If you’re in for some superhero suit-up, then you should check this out! The Internet can grant you a whole array of interesting prints. Among them, you’ll find your favorite superhero long sleeves. They can also need some leggings to complete the print.
superhero shirt ultimate frisbee gift idea
  • Cold weather compression clothes
    Thermal training clothes are irreplaceable during autumn and winter days. While aiming for comfort, check out compression clothing. Their advantage is better support and stabilization of the body during the workout. They add extra pressure to the muscles, support some of the strain and encourage recovery. The Internet doesn’t disappoint, so you can find something cool!
  • Gloves
    They’re useful all year long if your ultimate frisbee player is a fan of gloves. They’ll be both useful in winter and summer. Furthermore, the grip on the disc in rainy weather is sure and firm!
  • Training jacket
    A must-have in any sports freak wardrobe. As the weather is unpredictable, a training jacket can keep the warmth and dryness. It’s important between game breaks or warmups. The best training jackets are lightweight, waterproof, wind resistant, and with many pockets!
  • Socks – it’s all about the color
    Colorful socks make for a great present. Would you say “no” to Superman socks with a red cape? Color enhances the fashion statement. We all know how that goes during the tournaments. 🙂 You can have anything on them – cats, watermelons, spaceships, or…show off your love for Rainbow Dash. It comes with wings.
ultimate frisbee fashion

3. Must-have gear for any ultimate frisbee player

  • Sports bag for the gym or a tournament day
    Even though it sounds like an obvious gift for an ultimate frisbee player, it can still make a difference. Everyone needs a spare bag for traveling and the gym, in case it gets damaged or muddy during training.
  • Backpack
    This one’s especially a good gift idea for new players, who need to gear up. So, you should make sure that the backpack is comfortable to carry, lightweight, and with many pockets! If it’s waterproof, then it’s indispensable.
  • Cleats
    A personal gift, which is not that easy to pick. Most players prefer to get them themselves as many details matter. The best approach? Get a voucher for cleats and let your ultimate frisbee player pick them themselves!
  • Water bottle
    A water bottle is a must-have! You may go for one, which isn’t get affected by heat or takes little space. In that case, a foldable water bottle will be a perfect choice.
  • Thermal cups or bottles
    No one likes to rush their coffee or tea break. Still, it could get even worse. The favorite beverage could go cold. During outdoor tournaments or wintertime, a bottle keeping its warmth is a life-saver! Not to mention that it will come in handy anywhere.
  • Quick-dry towel
    Perfect choice for traveling, light-packing, and keeping everything dry. Quick-drying towels are one of the best items one can get. Seriously, it’s life-changing while traveling across the country!
  • Travel shoebag
    Waterproof, lightweight, and keeping still muddy cleats away from everything else? Yes, please.
  • Travel laundry bag
    It’s something that’s easily forgotten when one goes to the tournament, but essential! I’m not talking about any laundry bag. You can find one, which can go into the washing machine and keeps the dirt and smell of tournament clothes away.

4. Electronics

  • Portable charger
    How often someone on your team runs out of energy on their phone or tablet? With live streaming the games or running your teams’ social media it can be an issue. How about a crowded hostel room, which doesn’t have enough power outlets? It’s a true problem and this gift can make a change during an ultimate frisbee tournament.
  • Fit watch
    A watch has always been a good gift. How about a fitness band or a smartwatch? There are many models out there with different price ranges. Who doesn’t want to track their fitness activities these days? For data junkies, it’s a great way to see what distance they cover during a game! You may be quite surprised.
  • Speakers or headphones
    A warmup is not the same without good music getting the team into a game mindset. A small and portable speaker can be a good gift, but you may consider a more solitary approach. Enter headphones, which make a perfect solution for solitary training sessions!
  • A wireless travel router
    It’s small, powerful, secure, and light. It’s a wireless travel router. A secure internet connection while traveling is important these days. It might come in handy a few times, especially if someone is backing up their photos.
  • USB solar charger
    Ultimate frisbee players often find themselves traveling by car. A solar charger resting on a dashboard and charging the phone during a long ride may be a nice accessory. If there’s plenty of sun at the tournament, then there’s another use for it!

5. Energy kit to sustain energy at ultimate tournaments

  • Vitamins to boost ultimate frisbee players’ performance
    Unless you’re an expert in diet, it’s hard to maintain a good balance of the vitamins you might need. A gift like this might require a lot of Sherlocking, but it certainly shows you care.
  • Personalized tournament snack kit
    If your ultimate frisbee player is going to a tournament soon, then a snack kit gift is what you need. There’s nothing better than a favorite mix of snacks!
  • Pill organizer
    Perhaps it’s a weird choice. Maybe it’s not useful for everyone. However, it might be a nice gift for a player who has to take their pills every day to stay healthy but tends to forget when or which meds should be taken. Thyroid issues teach you that.

6. Team items

  • Team merch
    Ultimate frisbee player often identifies themselves with a certain team. Enter team merchandise. What if there’s no such thing? Well, there’s nothing lost. You can still find a way to get a personalized team logo key chain or pretty much anything that comes to mind (bottle opener, water bottle with a logo, a lunchbox set, personalized training clothes). It makes for a good gift and you can be sure they’ll keep it close by!
  • A favorite club team jersey
    Another idea for team merch is getting a team jersey from a team they like. Perhaps getting this gift may prove to be a little bit challenging, but it’ll be appreciated.

7. Personal branding kit

  • Polaroid album or a photo book
    An Ultimate Frisbee player is likely to have a few hilarious photos. Why not take advantage of that? Think about all those funny team moments. A situation, a quote! Team life is wild with those things. Also, it’s the end of the year so it’s a perfect time to sum it up as a photo book for a team. What do you need? Photos. Quotes. A book to print. Think of all those times… A fun party where everyone dressed up. When a disc got lost in the sand at the beach tournament during a match, a bunch of players had to dig in the sand to find it (true story). If you’re into making memes then it’s the perfect time to unleash your creativity. Make something special!
  • Sports photoshoot
    Many players start paying attention to their social media presence. A sports photoshoot may give them some nice-looking content to post!
  • Video shoot
    As it’s hard to get good videos from the game, it would be a nice gift to have someone shoot some highlights. Especially now when video content is the best chance to go viral.

8. Tournament stuff to enhance the experience

  • Games
    Who doesn’t like a good game? Pocket or card games are a good way to pass the time at the tournament. Short and fast games, involving fast reflexes and getting to know people are the best choices. However, if that’s not enough, then a Spikeball set will save the day.
  • Lazy bag
    Need a power nap, but there’s nowhere comfy to rest? A lazy bag should save the day and makes a perfect portable bed. Never underestimate the power of portable things!
  • Book
    Prove me wrong, but I believe books make the best gifts. You may pick a book on ultimate frisbee, sports icons, mental toughness, or mindfulness. The sky is the limit.
  • Portable chair
    A gift, which definitely will add some comfort during breaks between the games!
  • Sun protection
    Ultimate frisbee sun tan is unavoidable, but at least the burn can be eased. As SPF sun creams tend to melt away, a cool hack is a sun stick. They are waterproof and work wonders. Surfer vibes included.
  • Pocket Blanket
    You never know when you might need an extra blanket! A pocket-size blanket will be a nice gift for an ultimate frisbee player. It doesn’t take much space but brings additional comfort to tournament traveling.
  • Sleeping bag
    It’s a must during the outdoor season with some camping experience included. Again, lightweight and pocket size is a smart choice for a gift.
  • Lightweight first aid kit
    You never know what may happen, so a first aid kit is necessary!

9. Training or mobility gear

  • Mini bands or resistance bands
    A little piece of training gear, which is useful for warmup, but easily gets lost!
  • Training subscriptions
    A gift, which can get them to another level of their ultimate frisbee journey. Personalized training or a subscription to work with ultimate pros can be a dream come true.
  • Agility ladder
    This one can take footwork training to the next level. There are also plenty of cool inspirations for this training on Instagram.
  • Foam roller
    Especially, a small, portable version to take along to a tournament.
  • Acupressure mat
    It sounds a bit like one of those medieval devices of torture, but trust me. There is nothing better than an acupressure mat after a weekend of Ultimate!
  • Massage pistol
    If foam roller doesn’t work out as a gift, then check out massage pistols. They are as good for pain relief, increasing range of motion, and decreasing symptoms of soreness or stiffness.
  • Coaching board
    A simple item, which is a part of the Captain Starter Pack!

10. Personal Care set

  • Dietician visit
    Sometimes a consultation like that can make a difference and sports performance so much better!
  • SPA voucher
    A post-tournament visit to regenerate after a demanding tournament? Yes, please.
  • Sauna voucher
    Another idea for regeneration and slowing down a bit. Perfect for those who don’t like the colder seasons.
  • Physio voucher
    More often than not, an ultimate frisbee player will catch some kind of injury or might need some guidance to improve. A voucher can be a gift that might be really useful.
  • Paying for the tournament of their dreams
    Is there a tournament, which is high on their list, but they don’t have extra cash for it? You can make their dreams come true, especially since a gift like that comes with cool experiences and unforgettable moments.
  • Travel money
    Sometimes it’s a reason why another tournament has to be dropped off the list. It’s a big expense for every player. Travel expenses can be overwhelming, so you can contribute to some ultimate adventures happening.
  • Donating to their favorite cause
    I find this gift heartwarming. I remember the first time someone donated in my name to my favorite cause. It was better than any gift possible. If they don’t have a cause, then contributing to helping out friends from the community will make a difference. #PlayForUkraine.

I hope that this list stirred some ideas for you. Perhaps you’ve got your own must-have gift, which would be perfect for an ultimate frisbee player? What would you include on the list? What would you make a priority?

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