8 Ultimate Frisbee Pick Up Lines For Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s Day is one of those few occasions during the year where the people, streets, the Internet and pretty much everything around you goes mad. For love. It seems like everyone needs a plan for this day. It’s expected, it’s the standard. This year it conveniently falls on a Wednesday, which means it’s also just another training day for my team.

Spontaneous bursts of courage, the now-or-never. Everything floods with feels. You can expect that when you open the fridge, Valentine’s Day expectations will be right there to shove all the bubbly, warm feelings at you. Persistent friends keep asking when you’re finally going to set up that Tinder account or what are your plans for the evening. Plans? Training, obviously. There’s something magical about that frisbee…

Swiping left and right is not my idea of a good way to meet people. Where’s the conversation in that? So many things can go wrong. It’s awkward enough when you accidentally send things on social media. Or your phone acts up and sends an SOS message that you’re not safe (seriously, true story – location: work!). There’s one word to describe this: awkward. It’s also an understatement.

You may not be such a lost cause, not at a training and not watching Champions League. Valentine’s Day might as well be the day. If your wingman or wingwoman is busy then you’re on your own. Better get creative with your pick up lines. Add some high percent liquid courage to carry out the plan.

If the target of your affection is an ultimate frisbee player these might prove quite useful. Otherwise, they won’t get it. At all.

Top 8 Ultimate Frisbee Pick Up Lines

MileZeroUltimate has come up with some funny lines, which would be hard to get for someone outside of ultimate. I’m surprised they didn’t go a bit viral. They even strike up a few ideas, but I’ll just leave it at that. ?

What about the success rate? No idea about that… These could certainly earn a few laughs or lighten up the mood when you foul someone.


you had me at stall one
Source: MileZeroUltimate


dangerous play
Source: MileZeroUltimate


too hot to handle
Source: MileZeroUltimate


break-siding my heart
Source: MileZeroUltimate


won't let anyone poach you
Source: MileZeroUltimate


you're the best catch
Source: MileZeroUltimate


make my heart fast count
Source: MileZeroUltimate


quit stalling
Source: MileZeroUltimate

Any favourites?

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