An introvert’s guide to staying at home

As we entered the 20’s, who would have thought that we’d be facing a state of a pandemic? This is interesting times that we live in. As more countries enter the state of cancelling everything, people are encouraging a stay-at-home behaviour for self-isolation. Some may find it difficult and wonder what to do. If you followed the meme’s, you probably noticed that this is exactly what the introverts were training for their whole lives. There’s plenty to do at home, but I’ve decided to put together some ideas.

Springtime clean-up

In an everyday hectic life, there’s little time to do some serious cleaning. As spring is right around the corner and you’re not going anywhere it is the time. I don’t know about you, but my daily routine puts me often in a situation where I treat my home as a hostel. On tournaments and socialising free weekends I end up with an impossible task.

It’s a good time to find the long lost treasures, check out what you can live without and level up your cleaning skills. A clean house is a happy house. It turns out that your clothes don’t need to come at you like an avalanche every time you open it! I didn’t know that over the last 5 years I’ve amassed such a collection of sportswear… ?

Keep calm, stay informed and read a book

Self-isolation doesn’t have to be a bad, boring thing. It is a challenging situation for countries trying to contain the spread of the coronavirus. It’s wise to follow the advice of WHO and your government updates. Check the source as there is a lot of disinformation and fake news. Don’t get yourself into the state of information overload.

As the situation unfolds you’ve probably noticed some irrational behaviour. Panic doesn’t help and makes things only worse. A while back I’ve had the chance to catch up with a great book that talks about how to tackle the problems that we face. Do you worry too much? Do you generalize the situation? Factfulness by Hans Rosling is exactly the kind of book that you should read. It highlights the ten instincts that distort our perspective and gives advice on how to embrace a worldview based on facts.

It’s a good time to catch up with the pile of books that is clogging your to-read list and join a reading challenge. While playing more tournaments each year I’ve noticed that I went down from 60 books a year to barely 25. Yikes! In case you don’t have an idea what yo read check out the March releases on Goodreads. I’ll be catching up with the new book in the Shadowhunter world. 😉

Gaming ❤️

Are you into gaming, but usually there’s no time for it? Lucky you! If you take a look there are quite nice game discounts on PS4, Xbox, Steam etc. Ever wanted to check out what the whole The Witcher thing is about? Maybe you’d like to live through the thrilling story of The Last Of Us? Do you wonder what happened to the Sims or perhaps you want to walk the streets of Florence, Rome or explore the wilderness in Assassin’s Creed? (Personally, I’m more into the shanties of Black Flag ?‍☠️ ). How about some old school gaming?

In this digital madness let’s not forget about the joy of playing the board games with your loved ones. Dust off your collection of childhood games or check out some new ones. In case you don’t have one? Check out the social mobile games like Head’s Up or Taboo.

Level up on your creativity

Staying at home means that you can freely give into some hobbies that you usually neglect. For me, it’s writing and drawing. As you see, it’s a nice time to take care of the blog stuff I usually find excuses not to do. Do you have something on your mind? Let the words flow on the piece of paper. You might surprise yourself by crafting a nice story or finding out about something that’s been on your mind for a while. Perhaps you end up writing some Ultimate Frisbee 101 for beginners? Maybe you come up with a good plotline for a short story?

As for drawing, I usually find the time for that during the off-season. Two years ago I’ve learned about Inktober – an ink drawing challenge where you have to draw something based on a prompt. This year they started an #inktober52 initiative. Check them out, because people have some crazy skills. Can’t draw? Thanks to tutorials all over the web you can master it. A drawing a day makes a difference!

If you’re still not into learning how to draw there is are free colouring books from 113 museums. It’s good for lowering those stress levels. Go get ’em!

Skill up!

If the above things fail to entertain you, there is always some room for progress. Work might be slower right now even with the remote mode on. There might be some things that you usually don’t have time to learn. Perhaps you’d like to start programming or learn something about photography? You can try places like Skillshare or udemy for learning something new. Before going to the next tournament perhaps it’s the time to learn a new language with Duolingo.

Travel from your couch

Let’s face it. Binge-watching on your streaming service of choice can’t be everything. There are also online theatre streaming. For those craving travelling, there’s also another opportunity. You can visit museums right from your couch. Yes! Google Arts&Culture took care of it!

Ain’t it awesome?! You can check out certain exhibitions and read about them. See some great art and… take a walk with Google Street View inside the museums.

Who said you can’t stay social?

Let’s not forget that self-quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t be social. We’re quite lucky in this department and it’s important that we stay compassionate towards each other and are willing to help out those in need or taking better care of your pets.

At this time you might want to get to know your family better as you’re stuck together at home. It’s time to catch up on some life events and spend some time together. Play those old board games and just be there for each other. It’s time to check up on your parents and grandparents. Let them stay home safe and perhaps do the grocery for them. Maybe a friend or a neighbour needs the same help? Call them, ask them.

If you’re in need of catching up with someone, take your phone or other device and put those social communicators in use. Grab a bottle of your favourite poison and chat the time away. Complete isolation doesn’t help, so stay in touch with those you care about.

For Ultimate Frisbee cravings

Lastly, let’s not forget about that disc sport close to your heart. As all sports events got cancelled, gym and team training are on hold, you might suddenly find yourself at a loss. For me, Ultimate Frisbee took a big part out of my life. Hours of training and social meetups (which sometimes left me cancelling plans on off-tournament weekends ?). Well, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a community. It can’t just get cancelled. So, what Ultimate related things can you do?

Training at home

You don’t need to completely lose your training routine. You can still work out at home. All it takes is just modification of your training program. Maybe there’s someone on your team who can give you advice? Ask them. Are you one of those people who decided to stack their home with toilet paper? There’s a workout with that too.

Staying at home is no excuse for not training. Been there, done that. You just need good motivation. Ultiworld has pretty cool tips on workouts you can do in your living room. Another go-to source is YouTube. Seriously, there’s nothing stopping you from training.

Game analysis

Another idea to stay in touch with Ultimate-related things is analysing your team’s previous games or watching your favourite teams and learning from them. Check out some interesting analysis stuff on Felix Ultimate.

It’s a good time to make a team chat and talk about the upcoming season. Perhaps you could discuss some tactics or help the new players with the burning questions about Ultimate. You can make a training plan, motivate each other and just keep the positive team vibes up.

Organising stuff

The current situation definitely makes things complicated if you are organising a tournament. Right now most things are cancelled, but it doesn’t mean that you should stop thinking about future events. As you’ve got more time you can think about communication, preparation and logistics of the tournament. You can take some more time and prepare better media kit and think about promoting Ultimate locally. There’s always plenty to do, but not enough to do. It’s the time to put those wild ideas into motion!

Staying at home doesn’t have to be that bad, right? What are your ideas for stay-at-home activities?

Let’s not forget about those who are out there working to keep us healthy, safe and with accessibility to the things that make our lives easier. Let’s stay kind and respectful as the world takes a spirit time out to sort this out.

Stay safe and healthy.

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