Introverts vs Extroverts: 16 Personality Types

You may know a friend or a friend of a friend, who is quiet, seems to dislike people and prefers the company of books. Perhaps cats too. Introverts. Those nerdy, shy and a bit reserved people who seem to run off whenever they have to socialise. If you entered a brain of an introvert you’d find it overwhelming. On the outside, they may seem quiet. On the inside, it’s a whole other world to discover. We, introverts let in just a few people to know us well. And we hope you’re just as weird as us!

Introverts… Disassemble!

Introverts are walking contradictions. We love our alone time, but we don’t like being lonely. Instead of talking, you may find your introverted friend observing. They won’t say anything until you ask them. In this extroverted world, it’s hard to find that quiet place to recharge your batteries. When an introvert is too quiet people ask what’s wrong with. Sometimes when we go to the tournament I am quiet and people almost forget I’m there. Sometimes I don’t mind. When I’m playing and go unnoticed…then it’s pissing me off.

An introvert has a whole conversation going on in their heads. When it’s time to say something…it’s all gibberish. Ah. The mortification. There will be the time later to overthink every mistake. That one time when you ran up to a random stranger as a kid, thinking it was your dad, and kept trying to get him to find mom. That time 5 years ago when you spit out cola through your nose on a date. Or that time when you cut in with a joke, but no one understood it. Awkward silence. That moment when you were doing a monologue on stage, but froze mid-sentence. 

You may find it weird… Sometimes your friend may get overwhelmed with social interaction. It’s all fine and great, but then they get gloomy or snappy. They may be at the concert and suddenly it’s too much. That sudden urge to be alone in your room. The introvert hangover. It’s a real thing. Seriously.

Not hearing from anyone for a while is a relief. Introverts do like to get invited to stuff. They may agree. Regret it instantly. Create a list of excuses. If they don’t go, they will regret it. If they go, they will feel overwhelmed. The contradictions. Sometimes an introvert may not keep in touch with people. They may wonder why no one called them for a while. Oh. Right. Because they never reached out to anyone! It’s a never ending story.  So, what’s up with those introverted and extroverted batteries? How does it work?

Introverts vs Extroverts

Extroverts are the people-people, the stars of the party. Why is it like that? According to a psychologist Carl G Jung, it’s all about how introverts and extroverts recharge their brains. Introverts need  their alone time (yes!!!!), while extroverts feel energised by socialising with others.

This infographic briefly sums it up:

16 Personalities? What does it even mean?

It gets even more interesting! There’re 16 personality types. 8 for introverts and 8 for extroverts. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator can reveal a lot about what makes you tick. And who doesn’t like tests, right? I took the personality type test a few times. In most cases, I got INFJ. Do you know what personality type, are you?

Let’s see what these types mean.


Introvert Personality Types


ISFJ – The Defender
Introversion. Sensing. Feeling. Judging.

ISFJs are described as the individuals who are loyal, supportive, reliable and committed to people they consider important. They have strong organisational skills and like working with established policies, schedules and deadlines.

Famous ISFJs: Anthony Hopkins, Kate Middleton, Kristen Dunst


ISTJ – Thistje Inspector
Introversion. Sensing. Thinking. Judging.

ISTJs are very reliable, responsible, orderly and quiet people. They’ll make sure to get the job done. They are very committed and loyal, faithfully caring out their responsibilities. They have strong organisational skills. They follow the rules and expect others to do the same. They work well in teams, though prefer when the roles are defined.

Famous ISTJs: George Washington, Natalie Portman, Robert De Niro

isfpISFP – The Composer/Artist
Introverted. Sensing. Feeling. Perceiving.

ISFPs are sensitive, considerate and kind. They prefer to support and encourage others from the background, avoiding the spotlight. Only those close to them may see their more fun and impulsive side. They avoid commitments that seem stifling to them and greatly value their freedom.

Famous ISFPs: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, David Beckham, Beyonce

ISTP – The Craftsmanistp

Introverted. Sensing. Thinking. Perceiving.

ISTPs are quiet and observant individuals, who like to solve problems right away without using much effort. They often try to get around the  rules as they find procedures and rules stifling to them. They like to take on roles which allow them to use their analytical and logical thinking. They love change. They may avoid dealing with other’s people problems as they may find it unnecessary to deal with and tiring.
Famous ISTPs: Steve Jobs, Scarlett Johansson, Bruce Lee

infjINFJ – The Counsellor
Introverted. Intuition. Feeling. Judging. 

INFJs have a great understanding the complexities of human relationships and motivations. They are very insightful and are very caring, encouraging, responsible and loyal to those around them. INFJs very often get involved in causes they passionately believe in. They want their work to have meaning. They are creative and possess a ‘sixth sense’. They are interested in: art, literature, music or languages.
Famous INFJ: Marcus Aurelius, Thomas Jefferson, Cate Blanchett


INTJ – The Mastermind
Introverted. Intuition. Thinking. Judging.

INTJs are insightful, quiet and task-oriented people, who demand from themselves and others excellence. They are long range and conceptual thinkers with deep insights into politics or economics. They can easily spot issues and come up with creative solutions. They love the intellectual challenge. Only a few people get to see the brilliance and creativity apart from INTJs analytical side.

Famous INTJs: Isaac Newton, Mark Zuckerberg, James Cameron

infpINFP – The Idealist
Introverted. Intuition. Feeling. Perceiving. 

INFPs are caring, encouraging, passionate and enthusiastic with strong value system. They may seem idealistic. They understand what makes people tick. They want to help others grow and make the world a better place. They can be inspiring and motivating.

Famous INFPs:  J R. R. Tolkien, William Shakespeare, John Lennon


intpINTP – The Architect
Introverted. Intuition. Thinking. Perceiving. 

INTPs are innovative problem solvers, who are
creative, independent and original. They are quick to react to loopholes and flaws around them. They can often give an insightful, perceptive and objective point of view to the existing problem. They dislike deadlines, structures and prefer working alone. They neglect everyday tasks and focus on ‘more important’ matters.

Famous INTPs: Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Sigourney Weaver

Extrovert Personality Types

estpESTP – The Entrepreneur
Extroversion. Sensing. Thinking. Perceiving.

ESTPs can be described as easy-going, full of energy, fun-loving people. While working, they want to have some fun and a good time. They are charismatic and can be described as active problem solvers – they prefer to get the job done instead of talking. They prefer jobs where they are not restricted by the rules. They are very active, so they hobbies mostly consist of sports.

Famous ESTPs: Winston Churchill, Angelina Jolie, Ben Affleck

esfpESFP – The Performer:
Extroversion. Sensing. Feeling. Perceiving.

ESFPs are bubbly and energetic. They bring fun to everything they do and want to take advantage of everything that life has to offer. They enjoy independence, flexibility and despise rules that may stifle them. They are usually very popular among their friends. ESFPs are adventures and bold. They live in the moment. They don’t think much about the past or the future.

Famous ESFPs: Richard Branson, Katy Perry, Jamie Oliver

enfpENFP – The Champion
Extroversion. Intuition. Feeling. Perceiving.

For ENFPs life is an exciting adventure with possibilities all around them. They are inspiring and energetic. They usually have a big social network built around them. They see the motivations of people and are quick to understand other people’s needs and desires. They can easily rally people up to fight for the cause that they believe in.

Famous ENFPs: Mark Twain, Che Guevara, Sandra Bullock

entpENTP The Visionary:
Extroversion. Intuition. Thinking. Perceiving

ENTPs can easily spot flaws and find creative solutions to the problems. They are excited by new possibilities and analyse their potential. They are great strategists. They are charismatic and insightful. They don’t like deadlines and schedules. They find them stifling. They prefer to carry out their tasks individually.

Famous ENTPs: Leonardo Da Vinci, Robert Downey Jr, Celine Dion


estjESTJ – The Supervisor:
Extroversion. Sensing. Thinking. Judging. 

ESTJs are responsible, straightforward and like their work planned out. They like defined roles and well-defined organisations. In they work they look for efficiency and are result-oriented. They are very socially engaging but can be very strict and uphold their duty in their social roles. 

Famous ESTJs: Michelle Obama, Emma Watson, Alec Baldwin


esfjESFJ – The Provider:
Extroversion. Sensing. Feeling. Perceiving.

ESFJs are sociable, energetic and responsible. They are considerate towards people and pay attention to details. They like to achieve their goals right on schedule. They often put the needs of others before their own. They are tactful, sensitive and caring.

Famous ESFJs: Larry King, Gerald Ford, Anne Hathaway


enfjENFJ – The Teacher:
Extroversion. Intuition. Feeling. Judging. 

ENFJ’s like to bring out the potential in others. They are sensitive, warm and insightful. They are good communicators and easily communicate their visions and beliefs. They like to get their tasks done properly and are great in teamwork.

Famous ENFJs: Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lawrence


entjENTJ – The Field Marshal
Extroversion. Intuition. Thinking. Judging.

ENTJs are tough, task-oriented individuals. They make great leaders with their no-nonsense approach and straight-talking. They demand the best results from themselves and those around them. They like being in charge. They organise people and resources to achieve goals. They may appear as imposing and assertive when they get into an intellectual debate.

Famous ENTJs: Napoleon, Julius Caesar, Charlize Theron


Does any of these sound familiar? Are you an extrovert or an introvert? 🙂


  1. I am ISTJ – A ?

  2. The Defender for me, I guess people around me should tell if that’s correct outcome 😉

    • They probably can! Perhaps not by the personality type, but by every day actions. So far, I’ve noticed more introverts than extroverts around. 😉

  3. I’m 100% ESFP The Performer ♡

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