Joint Junior Ultimate Championships: Your event Guidebook!

Joint Junior Ultimate Championships 2022 begin in Wrocław! Are you ready to celebrate Junior Ultimate Frisbee and cheer for your favorite teams? In case you’ve missed it, here’s a summary of the most important information and sources, which you should follow. I hope that you’ll find this Guidebook helpful, so you won’t miss a thing happening in Wrocław over the next week!

Joint Juniors Ultimate Championships must know

Welcome to Wrocław, Poland everyone! The city of 100 bridges and perhaps the most famous dwarfs. At least in this part of Poland. The city is home to a few Ultimate Frisbee teams, which you might know from international competitions. An event of this scale is a follow-up to previously organized international tournaments. In the previous years, Wrocław hosted the European Ultimate Club Championships finals, European Youth Ultimate Championships 2019, The World Games, and one edition of the World’s Junior Ultimate Championships. Well, that’s quite an experience with big events!

JJUC2022 is organized by WFDF, EUF, and Wrocław’s Ultimate Frisbee association – Duch Gry. The event will take place at Pola Marsowe in Wrocław from the 6th to the 13th of August. The sports event contains two Championships – WFDF’s World Junior Ultimate Championships in the U20 age bracket and EUF’s European Youth Ultimate Championships in the U17 age bracket.

You can expect great, green pitches and sunny days. It’s worth knowing that Wrocław is famous for its heated summers. So, sunblocks and sunscreens are essential! They are your best friend in any Wrocław tournament and that’s spoken from experience.

Get ready for the Opening Ceremony on the 6th of August at 16:00 local time!

Joint Juniors Ultimate Championships

Teams at the Joint Junior Ultimate Championships

You can expect 49 teams from 17 countries to take part in the event. The joint tournament hosts WFDF’s World’s and EUF’s European Championships. A scale like that can bring some confusion, but luckily there are resources to keep you covered. In World’s U20 you’ll be able to follow the games of Women’s, Open and Mixed teams. There’s also U17, which offers a similar setup to the teams. So, let me emphasize it again… it’s great to see the Women’s category in both age categories!

As a bonus, check out the galleries below from EYUC2019 from Focus Ultimate. You can get a taste of what’s to come with the JJUC2022 galleries.

U20 Women’s

U20 Women's Joint Junior Ultimate Championships

In U20 Women’s, the teams will compete in two pools of 5 teams and they’ll play a round-robin. The category will headline the tournament with an Opening Game right after the Ceremony at 17:00. The teams that are going to face each other in the first game of the event are Poland and USA.

U20 Open

The Open category contains 12 teams ready to compete for the title. At the event, we’ll be able to follow two pools with 6 teams each. Just like in the Women’s category, they’ll play a round-robin.

U20 Mixed

The Mixed category might have the lowest number of teams competing, but it can’t be overlooked. The teams will compete in a single pool of 7 teams, which will play a round-robin. The top 3 teams advance to Pool B. Do you have any favorite teams to follow?

EYUC 2019 Lost’n’Found Album Part 1 by Focus Ultimate

U17 Women’s

The youngest category for Women has 6 European teams. In the upcoming competition, they’ll face each other in a round-robin with a single pool of 6.

U17 Open

The U17 Open category has by far the highest number of registered teams. With 9 teams they’ll be playing a round-robin in a single Pool.

U17 Mixed

The smallest category of the event, but probably the fiercest! 5 teams playing in a round-robin. The competition looks interesting, right?

EYUC 2019 Lost’n’Found Album Part 2 by Focus Ultimate

Be a part of JJUC2022 and don’t miss a thing!

Joint Junior Ultimate Championships official website

The tournament has an official website and I strongly advise you to save it, add it to favorites, and share it with friends and family. With its easy-to-follow interface, you’ll find all kinds of information, which will make it easy to follow the competition and check what’s going on at any time. The site contains:

  • Daily summaries – a summary of each day for each category, where you’ll be able to read on some insights spotted by the Media Crew. You can expect photo galleries and some cool stuff, like Spirit Of The Game.
  • Timetable – a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know what’s happening on each day of the Joint Junior Ultimate Championships. Save it and keep it!
Joint Junior Ultimate Championships timetable
  • Competition – extensive information on the competition format for each category at the event.
  • Organizers, Partners, and Patrons – all information on the team behind this event and those who make this competition possible.
  • Map&Venue – another must-save graphic, which will make it easy for you to move around.
Joint Junior Ultimate Championships venue and map

Scores at Joint Junior Ultimate Championships

By far the coolest part of the website is the scores and Live scores system! You can follow each category and team. However, if you don’t know who made it into the team roster… That’s the right place to check. Want to know who plays when and where? It’s all in there. Do you want to keep up with your favorite time live as they play the game? Check out the live scoring system supported by the scorekeepers at the tournament. That way you can cheer for your team in real-time. You’ll also be able to check up on the Spirit Of The Game scores.

Awesome right? I’m a fan. 🙂

Follow Joint Junior Ultimate Championships on social media!

Of course, all the good stuff will be also present on social media. In case you don’t know here’s a master list of accounts to follow. The information, stories, and reels are already circling the web. Just wait until the first game day. You’ll be able to follow all behind the scenes, player perspective, photos of the day, and anything cool that will be going on. Here’s your must-follow list:

Partners and patrons of Joint Junior Ultimate Championships

The event wouldn’t be possible without these partners and patrons. Make sure to follow them and share some love!

Live broadcast at the Joint Junior Ultimate Championship

Joint Junior Ultimate Championships will be live streamed by amazing It’s a great chance to showcase the young athlete’s games and grow the sport by making it more available and visible. During the event, you’ll be able to watch the games on two channels from

Stayed tuned for the whole 8 days of broadcasts!

Are you ready for the youthful celebration of Ultimate Frisbee? Stay up to date with the event information and follow the JJUC official site for all sports information as there’ll be a lot of things going on! Also, remember to follow the socials for a more immersive experience! It sounds like a blast and a truly interesting week ahead. See you at the tournament. 🙂

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