Merry (Ultimate) Christmas!

This year Christmas came quite unexpectedly. Barely last Sunday we were playing matches at the Ultimate Frisbee league. Now it’s Christmas Eve. How? 

The Ultimate “I didn’t”.

Let’s call it bad time management skills. Comparing last year, where I had graphic design classes, missed half the indoor tournaments to this year when I’m playing in every tournament… I honestly have no idea where did all the time go.

Somehow amongst the work/training/tournaments/other life stuff things I didn’t:

    • manage to send the postcards (and I am so very sorry),
    • get to buy the presents (I had my mom do it for me :O ),
    • dress the Christmas Tree,
    • I’m still in the middle of crafting the gifts,
    • I failed to post anything (I’m literally running multitasking right now. Packing a gift for my cat, preparing the dinner for Christmas Eve and helping out my family),
    • I still have meetings with my non-Ultimate friends scheduled for…um..yeah…let’s do this during the Christmas break?

Those are some very bad time management skills. I wish I knew a way to manage all the things. Calendars don’t work, so any tips are welcome!

 So, that’s what the break looks like!

One thing that I’m glad about: it’s my first weekend where I can actually get some rest. Stay home. Do almost nothing. Play video games. Catch up with ALL the tv shows and movies (no, not really!)! Draw. Finish the 60 book challenge. Annoy the cat (or the other way around ;D ). Tournaments are back in a month – starting with Women tournament!

I can’t really feel the Christmas spirit… This year more than ever. Where the hell is the snow? Even my cat is in a better Christmas mood. All those decorations! Ultimate Kitten

Christmas Wishes

I’d like to wish everyone peaceful, merry and full of joy Christmas. Dreams to come true, spectacular layouts, defense, sky’s and Callahans! For those of you, who still didn’t get to play Ultimate: I wish you get to see the magic of this game soon! Hope you have an amazing Christmas time! 🙂

Perhaps 2016 wasn’t a good year, but it’s a great moment to ignore the bad and spend the time with family and friends.

It’s also time for the awkward Christmas questions. We all have our favourites, right? 😉

Last year…

My grandpa whispered in my ear: When are you going to get married? 
Single me whispered back to him with a huge, sweet smile: Never… 

I think we’re going to play the Christmas Bingo this year. Can’t wait! :’)

Well, it’s time to celebrate, so…

 Be ready for the post-Christmas layouts!


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